Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bye Bye Flies

We tend to rely on artificial means of solving natural problems, which often simply creates more problems. If we would just take the time to actually look to nature for the answer, usually a natural (and often relatively side-effect free) solution exists.

Often these natural solutions are low cost or no cost, which means they are not commercially viable, and therefore, will not receive a lot of attention from advertisers. This is why you often aren't aware of viable natural alternatives.

But some companies, partly through ingenuity and partly boosted by a culture which sees anything as "natural" or "environmentally friendly" have managed to cut a niche for themselves as so called "green" companies.

Frankly, I could care less what color they happen to be. If they present the market with a natural solution, at a competitive price, they deserve the business.

One company has taken the natural solution of predator based population control, and applied it to one of the banes of those of us who keep dogs - flies.

The idea of thoughtfully and carefully using a natural predator for another species' population control is one that every conservation minded person should support. As houndsmen and women, we should all be conservation minded.

They're not paying me to write this. In fact I doubt they're aware this blog even exists. But if you're a person who keeps dogs (and if you're reading this blog odds are pretty good), I would encourage you to check out Spalding Fly Predators.